La Morelia de Marbella

Nueva Andalucía, Marbella


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Altavista Project Development was created in 2013, specifically to identify prime location sites and to bring modern, contemporary projects of villas, apartments, and townhouses to the market. Thanks to our own in-house team of architects, we have the capacity to develop any real state project from drawing board to delivery, conceiving and adapting projects from scratch to keep up with the market demands of today. This demand led to the creation of our iconic flagship development La Finca de Marbella which set the standard for creating a modern project of villas in a prime location. Since La Finca de Marbella, we have created several highly successful developments including La Montesa de Marbella, La Morelia de Marbella, La Valvega de La Cala, and La Finca de La Cala – with more on the way.

Altavista Project Development belongs to the Altavista Property Group, a select group of companies specializing in all facets of real estate in Marbella. Altavista Property was founded in 2009 and we quickly grew to become a specialist in the promotion of new real estate developments in the greater Marbella area. Through our reputation for understanding the market, including the wants and needs of our clients, we established ourselves as a market leader.

We gained this position by utilising our own highly specialised sales and marketing platform to work with potential clients. Furthermore, as one of the only ISO9001 accredited real estate agencies in Marbella, Altavista Property holds a standard of consistency that others look up to – a standard maintained by our vigorous corporate procedures, outstanding product, and continuous staff training. 


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